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Translation Services

Translation Services

ocean mission and vision statements and core values pursued in all activities to help achieve the business objectives of clients and shareholders

At ocean Translation Services, our corporate culture fosters an advanced level of commitment to a set of core values that drive our total performance both internally and  externally.  ocean values are:


We do believe that clients must be the core attention for any successful organization. Thus, we pay our clients a special attention through providing them with the highest level of quality and accuracy in translation for and from all languages in order to improve our organization's image in the eyes of our clients.


We really believe that variety is the most essential base for any successful organization; thus, we adopt variety with all its aspects, promoting it among our team in order to create an educational cultured working environment.

Furthermore, we adopt variety not only among our team but also in our services. We produce innovative and creative services of which clients couldn't have ever heard. Thus, for us, variety means not only to render a high-level service but also to produce and create innovative services; services that are new for the community and for the world.


We do believe that allowing our employees to perform according to their vision will not only create successful work environment, but will also create reliable persons who can lead their society to the best conditions.


We do believe that creativity is not limited to creating new ideas, but it extends to create something that is capable of changing not only the community, but also the world as a whole. As for translation services, creativity is represented by the sharp accuracy of translation, so when a reader reads a text, they should have the impression that this text is not a translated one, but it is written in the original language.


Our property is not limited to our organizations or our assets but also our team and our clients in private; for we do believe that our team and our clients are the invaluable assets that an organization can have.

Joint Decision:

It is a fact that allowing employees to take part in decision making will provide each individual of our team with a real chance to make them reliable and make them feel that the organization is their own property. Thus, we do evaluate collective and cooperative responsibility and accountability.


We believe that integrity can grant us continuity through integrating our visions together in order to obtain a sustainable organization that is capable of lasting forever.


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