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#1 05-09-2013 14:23:47

New member
Registered: 05-04-2013
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How can i change my vocal ?


I am a university student.I need some help for speaking English.I submit many presentation during a semester in English. But my vocal is not perfect.
So I want to learn about speaking English like British/American etc.
Please give me your good suggestion for me.



#2 28-11-2013 01:06:05

From: USA
Registered: 11-05-2013
Posts: 129

Re: How can i change my vocal ?

Changing your vocal range really means that you're opening up that range. Change your vocal range with ..............

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#3 01-03-2018 01:43:45

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Registered: 01-03-2018
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Re: How can i change my vocal ?

There's no better way to improve your vocal than listening to English much more often. I really meant MUCH MORE. I used to play English conversations or movies in English and let them speak while doing something else, even during my sleep at night. (maybe that's why I frequently have dreams in foreign languages lol). But it did help me pronounce more correctly and get the accent I wanted.
Hope this tip can help you!


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